Pipe Cage Welding Machine(Pull)


This model is an export model with the following characteristics:

1. For flat, tongue and groove, socket and spigot

2. Production specification, length less than 4m, diameter φ Various drainage pipes within 4000

3. Longitudinal bar traction structure;

4. Automatic diameter change in the whole process within the specification range, and instant specification switching;

5. Pneumatic clamping device is adopted for longitudinal reinforcement, and manual loading and unloading are not required for framework;

6. Synchronising device ensures no distortion of the skeleton after forming. Since the device is set at the bottom of the equipment, it has no impact on the disassembly of the skeleton;

7. Automatic alarm and shutdown for operation error and fault;

8. Automatic diameter change, automatic tight winding, automatic return, shutdown memory, system preset all user product specifications, automatic fault alarm, display of fault location and other functions

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