□ 250- □ 600mm Square Pile Cage Welding Machine

This model has high production efficiency, convenient operation and high degree of automation. It can be equipped with an automatic feeding system and an automatic landing device for cage reinforcement. The main features are as follows:

1. Fast welding speed

2. DC power supply is adopted, with remarkable energy-saving effect and more firm solder joints

3. Optimized installation structure of threading plate, no damage to copper shaft, no distortion of skeleton

4. Air bag type constant pressure electrode, can weld any shape section (excluding concave section)

5. Flexible guide bar device

6. Addition of disc mounted antifriction device

7. Integrated front and rear reinforcement pipe, which can quickly penetrate the reinforcement

8. The tractor is equipped with heavy body for more stable operation

9. Balance block is added to the rotating disc to reduce the starting torque and prolong the service life of motor, bearing and other moving parts

10. The support frame is equipped with a closed chain to convert sliding friction into rolling friction, which can make the skeleton pitch more uniform (automatic hydraulic elevation support cage is optional)

11. Three phase variable frequency power supply is used to save energy and electricity, with small welding spatter and high welding quality

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