GJGH-4000P Pipe Cage Welding Machine(Push)


This model is specially used for the production of large-diameter reinforcement skeleton, which can be customized according to user requirements, such as 36 bars, 48 bars, 60 bars, etc. The super large welding machine can adopt a split structure, which is convenient for transportation.  and have the following characteristics

1. Welding electrode with new structure is firmly welded

2. No reinforcement head is left to reduce reinforcement loss

3. Reversible cage, electrically adjustable, pneumatic cage release bracket

4. Three phase frequency conversion (medium frequency) welding power supply, energy saving, high welding quality,

5. The slideway is equipped with wear-resistant materials to reduce the wear of the slideway and extend the service life of the equipment

6. Brake disc, automatically decelerate and stop

7. Weldable thick rebar, optional secondary reducing function, double rebar parallel winding function, rebar pre straightening device

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